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Children as "associates"

Žaljana Vivodinac ; Dječji vrtić „Smokvica“

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In the present paper, the author recognizes the needs of children and indicates the type of behavior, which help children to establish a more quality communication. Special attention is being paid to the question of systematic activities' planning and instructing children to establish a better communication with others, which subsequently shows a positive impact related to the child's self-esteem and competencies. Children learn how to be socially competent by adopting and improving social skills. Children with the developed social skills, feel content and self-aware, being thus able to communicate with their counterparts independently and easily. The author has tried to offer a short survey of immediate practical activities, which incentive children to fi nd independent solutions to the problems, and stimulate them to learn and master skills, important for promotion if mutual relations. In the very process of daily activities, the children have gained awareness of self-importance. Well established communication has helped them to establish a better
and more understanding relationship.

Ključne riječi
children; communication; relationship; behavior; cooperation; respect

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