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Problemi sjevernog Jadrana : Problemi sjevernog Jadrana, No.11 Lipanj 2012.

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Rijeka and the Inhabitants of Rijeka in the Past; Korespondencija Rački – Strossmayer (Rački – Strossmayer Correspondence)

Maja Polić

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Polić, M. (2012). Nekadašnja Rijeka i Riječani s osvrtom na Korespondenciju Rački – Strossmayer. Problemi sjevernog Jadrana : Problemi sjevernog Jadrana, (11), 39-71. Preuzeto s

Rijeka, a city located along the west bank of the Rječina river, survived numerous masters during its millennia-old history. At the end of the 18th century, it became of interest for the Hungarian capital; thus, as of that time, the political situation in Rijeka had been rather troubled until 1868, when it settled to a certain extent due to the conclusion of the Croatian-Hungarian Settlement. Pursuant to this settlement, Rijeka became corpus separatum in relation to Budapest. Among other sources, the correspondence between two Croatian leading spirits of the 19th century – F. Rački, canon, scientist and politician, and J. J. Strossmayer, bishop, politician and patron of the arts – reveals the situation in Rijeka of that time. The major part of the correspondence may be found in the four-volume book entitled Korespondencija Rački – Strossmayer, published in the period 1928–1931 by Academy member and university professor F. Šišić. These books are sources of crucial importance for studying the history of not only Croatia, but also Europe as the whole; they off er evaluations of numerous great events and the activity of many prominent persons, but also of less known events and persons. Individuals who had left a mark on the everyday life (in particular the political one) in Rijeka in the 19th century are also openly mentioned in the correspondence. To our great surprise and satisfaction, we discovered that both correspondents – the one in Zagreb and the one in Đakovo – had been “ordinary” people after all.

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Strossmayer; Rački; Rijeka; the Rijeka Patch

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