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Religious pluralism

Živan Bezić

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Author makes distinction between plurality and pluralism. The plurality,
as a statement of fact, is not the problem. Problematic is the pluralism
as a theory proclaimating plurality the principle of existence. Since the
truth is unique, pluralism cannot be the exclusive principle of universe’s
The truth being unique one, the approches to the truth are on the
contrary multiple ones. Therefore the pluralism of methods is legitime
and reasonable. The dignity of human person is requireing th e liberty
of opinion, of conscience and of faith, also a pluralism of styles of life
Naturally, religious and ethic liberty is not including the ideology of
Concerning the pluralism of religions and creeds the same normes are
applicable. The unique God and his revelation cannot foe on principle
favorable to religious pluralism b u t th e factual plurality of the ways
to God belongs to the rights od man. The heavenly Father li'kes to have
the free children. Nevertheless our brother Jesus Christ remains unique way, truth and life« (Jh 14, 6).

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Religious pluralism; pluralism

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