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Determination of C1q In Vivo Increases the Sensitivity of Direct Immunofluorescence Test in Diagnosing Bullous Pemphigoid

Rafal K Bialynicki-Birula ; Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology Wroclaw Medical University

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DIF(IgG and/or C3) were positive in 90.2% BP patients.
This level of sensitivity of DIF(IgG and/or C3)
has been reported by other authors (1-3). Thanks to
additional assessment of C1q, the new established
DIF(IgG and/or C3 and/or C1q) had a significantly
higher sensitivity. DIF (IgG and/or C3 and/or C1q)
were positive in all patients (100%). Deposits of IgA
and/or IgM were always found in the presence of
other deposits (IgG and/or C1q and/or C3); therefore,
determination of IgA and/or IgM did not improve the
test sensitivity. Based on our experience, we suggest
that C1q deposits be determined in BP patients.

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