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Celiac Disease and Lamellar Ichthyosis. Case Study Analysis and Review of the Literature

Raffaella Nenna ; Department of Pediatrics “Sapienza” University of Rome
Patrizia D’Eufemia
Mauro Celli
Maurizio Mennini
Laura Petrarca
Anna Zambrano
Monica Montuori
Mauro La Pietra
Margherita Bonamico

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We describe a 5-year-old female affected by lamellar ichthyosis,
diagnosed in the first month of life, who attended our pediatric
clinic for Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia. The evidence of severe
osteoporosis with hyperparathyroidism secondary to malabsorption
suggested the occurrence of celiac disease. Endoscopy with multiple
duodenal biopsies revealed total villous atrophy. The child started a
gluten-free diet, supported by oral calcium and vitamin D. After 1-year
follow-up, the girl showed complete normalization of bone mineral
density. The introduction of the gluten-free diet did not lead to lesion
repair, but the child reported significant improvement of her quality
of life.

lamellar ichthyosis; celiac disease; bone mineral metabolism

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