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Tomo Jantol ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The drama of Yugoslav socialism had begun long before its final collapse,
only a few years after its coming to power. It had been announced by social
events which the ruling politics neither expected nor could explain; events
which at first were manifested in various forms of self-willed conduct of those
employed in economy, and later in increasingly pervasive and complex disturbances
in the system of material reproduction and other spheres of social life.
Those events faced the ruling politics with the enigma of society that posed
a serious challenge to the existing model of etatist economy and monopoly
power of the Party. In this article, the author focuses precisely on the above-
mentioned problem, i.e. on the relation of the ruling politics of socialism towards
the social world of life (society): what did it do in order to regain mastery
over the social events which gradually eluded its control, and what is the
significance of the methods and procedure which it applied to that effect? All
that the ruling politics of Yugoslav socialism was faced with and all it resorted
to is observed by the author merely as a special case of socialism in general.

Yugoslav socialism; politics; society; civil revolution; socialist revolution

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