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Socio-ethical Framework of Unemployment Problem

Dubravka Petrović Štefanac   ORCID icon ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb

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APA 6th Edition
Petrović Štefanac, D. (2012). Socijalno-etički okvir problema nezaposlenosti. Crkva u svijetu, 47 (3), 299-321. Preuzeto s
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Petrović Štefanac, Dubravka. "Socijalno-etički okvir problema nezaposlenosti." Crkva u svijetu, vol. 47, br. 3, 2012, str. 299-321. Citirano 17.05.2021.
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Petrović Štefanac, Dubravka. "Socijalno-etički okvir problema nezaposlenosti." Crkva u svijetu 47, br. 3 (2012): 299-321.
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Petrović Štefanac D. Socijalno-etički okvir problema nezaposlenosti. Crkva u svijetu [Internet]. 2012 [pristupljeno 17.05.2021.];47(3):299-321. Dostupno na:
D. Petrović Štefanac, "Socijalno-etički okvir problema nezaposlenosti", Crkva u svijetu, vol.47, br. 3, str. 299-321, 2012. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 17.05.2021.]

Unemployment as a phenomenon of modern times refers to
the need for new and different understandings of the structure and
division of labor within the changes in the economy. In terms of
flexible labor market the community has an obligation to care for a
group that is most difficult to realize the right to work and engage in the market. The first part of this work on unemployment,
starting with the changed conditions in the labor market, reflects
the current market trends and their relation to the flexibilisation
inquiring into the Croatian present. The second part points to a
complex situation and difficulties that, when searching for your
job and right to employment, young people, women, families,
people with varying degrees of disability, farmers and immigrants
are facing with. Since the causes of unemployment cover more
than just economic processes over which man has no control, it
is necessary to show, establishing trust and communication with
each subject, shared responsibility and cooperation of all subjects.
Namely, social-political and economic-financial measures, which
would be able to provide equal conditions in the labour market,
are based on the social justice and solidarity, and they exclude
arrogance and self-sufficiency (egoism). The unemployed would be
deeply affected by such surroundings and instead of being passive
they would be more active in making demands upon their position
in the modern labour market.

Ključne riječi
unemployment; labour market flexibility; vulnerable; groups; accountability; collaboration

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