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The heart of pastoral – the pastoral of vocation

Mladen Parlov   ORCID icon ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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The author first briefly states the crisis of spiritual vocations
in the modern world that has made an anthropological model of
“man without vocation”. He presents the characteristics of that
anthropological model that is in strong opposition to Christian
anthropology. Then he speaks about the vocation (calling) of the
Church and about the vocations in the Church, starting from
the original God’s plan about the call to man, which had its realization
and culmination in the occurrence of Jesus Christ. In
the third part of this work the author discusses what would be
the role of priests, as the direct pastoral officials, in the pastoral
of spiritual vocations. He states some concrete pastoral activities
in the work with children and the young, with regard to spiritual
vocations. In the end the author briefly states the criteria of
differentiation of the authenticity of spiritual vocations.

Ključne riječi
pastoral; vocation/vocations; priest; priesthood; Church; Jesus Christ; criteria of differentiation

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