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Sunday and liturgy. Sacramental Identity of the Lord’s Day

Ivica Žižić   ORCID icon ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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The issue of the sacramental identity of Sunday is the main
argument of this contribution. The author critically discusses
the actual social debate on Sunday, particularly its perception
of liturgy as well as the socio-cultural interpretation of Sunday’s
rest. In order to give a complete insight into the identity of Christian
Sunday, the author analyses the most important Biblical
and patristic testimonies. They give evidence of theological foundation
of Sunday in the sacramental occurrence. The second
part of the article is dedicated to the articulation of the previously
emphasised aspects in the perspective of opening the
actual debate toward the theological grounds and recognition
of Sunday as the Lord’s Day in the context of ritual mediation
of religious event. In this respect, using John’s picture of “the
encounter with the Resurrected” and the figure “sacramentum
Pashae”, the author considers the identity of the Lord’s Day as
“primordialis dies festus” (SC, 106) in the range of sacramental
occurrence and liturgical experience.

Ključne riječi
time; Sunday; the Lord’s Day; rite; Eucharist; sacramental effect; experience

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