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Construction of churches and liturgy

Marko Babić ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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In this work the author starts from the assertion that architects,
when creating plans for a church, mainly take care
of the outward appearance of the building, its integration into
surrounding, and religious symbolism in general, but take little
account of the inward arrangement and content. Starting from
the answer to the question: Who and what is the church built
for? the article emphasises the priority of the inward design and
arrangement over the outward appearance, due to the liturgical
standpoints. The church is built for a Christian community to
get together there and to celebrate Christ’s mysteries, the focal
point of which is the mass sacrifice. The space inside the church
has to enable and encourage active participation of every single
member present there, and to reflect the picture of the assembled
community. This should inspire the architects to carefully
plan the interior, the arrangements of the seats for the faithful
and the main liturgical points: the altar, the lectern (ambo), the
chair for the presiding (cathedra), and the font basin. After having
done this, comes the work on the outward design.

Ključne riječi
architecture; church; altar; lectern; chair; font basin; liturgy; active participation

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