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Prayer – attentive listening to logos

Ivan Ivanda

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The purpose of this article is to investigate the concept of
prayer in theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. We shall try to
single out some essential characteristics that throw light upon
his starting point and emphases as well. First, we shall analyse
the Trinitarian aspect of prayer (all his theology is trinitary defined)
and marks by which Christian prayer distinguishes from
any other. Then we briefly present his ideas on preconditions for
an authentic prayer. In these terms, it is possible to speak about
prayer within the framework of man’s mission in this world. The
study finishes with description of some essential characteristics
of concrete forms of prayer – meditation and contemplation. Our
analysis has shown that prayer is the consequence of the fundamental
given of Christian revelation: God has made himself
heard through his Word – Logos, addressed us, and in this way
enabled us to keep responding with prayer. Thus, it is primarily
the act of God – based on the Trinity itself – and only subsequently
the act of man. Man’s correct approach to it is with an
attitude of those that Jesus proclaims “the happy ones”: by openness
and childish simplicity. Prayer is always and necessarily
oriented to action. God interceded on behalf of the world, and
keeps doing it through us. Contemplation and action are not
mutually exclusive, but permeate and complement each other.

Ključne riječi
prayer; meditation; contemplation; Trinity; Word-Logos; revelation; action; prayer techniques; openness

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