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Marija Gradečki-Poštenjak ; Croatian forest research institute
Karmelo Poštenjak

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This year the organized forest seed science is celebrating 50 years. Station for forest seed control was found in Rijeka 28th March 1959. It was established by Agricultural and Forestry Council of republic of Croatia. In last decades the laboratory of seed testing conducted very
active scientific and professional work. The research included morphological variability and biological properties of economically important forest tree seed, factors which influenced the quality before and after storage as well as new and improved methods for seed quality evaluation. Laboratory was also in charge for the quality of forest seed which was put on market. Seed quality is an important factor for all involved in seed production: producers, seed processors,
nurserymen and certification agencies. Evaluation of seed quality includes following analysis: Moisture content, Purity, Germination, Viability, 1000- seed weight and Seed health tests. Seed sampling and seed quality testing are performed according to International Seed
Testing Association methods (ISTA Rules). Until now 35.7210 seed samples has been analyzed. From 2006 the laboratory is a member of ISTA. In order to improve quality of service and competitiveness on the seed market in laboratory was established quality system according to the international norm ISO/IEC 17 025. Accreditation certificate was obtained in 2008 for Testing of some Properties of Forest seed and Plant Material.

accreditation; seed quality; seed testing laboratory

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