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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol.77 No.1-2 Svibanj 2004.


Nenad Trinajstić – Pioneer of Chemical Graph Theory

Milan Randić ; 3225 Kingman Rd, Ames, IA 50014, USA

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Randić, M. (2004). Nenad Trinajstić – Pioneer of Chemical Graph Theory. Croatica Chemica Acta, 77(1-2), 1-15. Preuzeto s

We present a brief overview of many contributions of Nenad Trinajstić to Chemical Graph Theory, an important and fast developing branch of Theoretical Chemistry. In addition, we outline briefly the various activities of Trinajstić within the chemical community of Croatia. As
can be seen, his scientific work has been very productive and has not abated despite the hostilities towards the Chemical Graph Theory in certain chemical circles over the past 30 years. On the contrary, Trinajstić continued, widened the areas of his research interest, which started with investigating the close relationship between Graph Theory and HMO, and demonstrated the importance of Chemical Graph theory for chemistry. In more than one way he has proven the opponents of Chemical Graph Theory wrong, though some continue to fail to recognize the importance of Graph Theory in Chemistry.

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chemical graph theory; history of chemical graph theory; history of Croatian chemistry; mathematical chemistry; scientific biography

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