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New Age Ideology

Davorka Turk

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The New Age appeared in the US in the late 70s and early 80s of the twentieth century. It presented a worldview, lifestyle, and spirituality – but primarily a symbolical value system pretending to be »generally valid«. This tendency gets to be realized by the »new paradigm« concept, which declares a complete break with the ruling materialistic and mechanistic model. It instead promotes the establishment of a completely new »mind frame«, based on spiritual values. The means for establishing this »new system« is personal transformation, which is a part of individual perfectionism cult springing from the growing individualization trend within Western culture. The New Age brings a critique of the existing society, the promise of a better one and a means to realize it. The fact that the New Age seemingly presents a mere spiritual movement not in conflict with the ruling system and
not speaking to a particular social group, makes its action no less ideological. This paper tries to show how some of the basic New Age distinctive features, such as syncretism, holism or spirit evolutionism, are established as important in Western culture, as well as how they are legitimized and how the utopia of conflict-free society, to which it refers, falls apart.

Ključne riječi
New Age; evolutionism; metaphysical determinism; physical determinism; holism; personal transformation; positive sentiment

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