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APA 6th Edition
Kozina, A. (2013). INTERKULTURALNE KOMPETENCIJE VOJNIH NASTAVNIKA1. Andragoški glasnik, 17 (1. (30)), 37-47. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Kozina, Andrija. "INTERKULTURALNE KOMPETENCIJE VOJNIH NASTAVNIKA1." Andragoški glasnik, vol. 17, br. 1. (30), 2013, str. 37-47. Citirano 15.11.2019.
Chicago 17th Edition
Kozina, Andrija. "INTERKULTURALNE KOMPETENCIJE VOJNIH NASTAVNIKA1." Andragoški glasnik 17, br. 1. (30) (2013): 37-47.
Kozina, A. (2013). 'INTERKULTURALNE KOMPETENCIJE VOJNIH NASTAVNIKA1', Andragoški glasnik, 17(1. (30)), str. 37-47. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 15.11.2019.)
Kozina A. INTERKULTURALNE KOMPETENCIJE VOJNIH NASTAVNIKA1. Andragoški glasnik [Internet]. 2013 [pristupljeno 15.11.2019.];17(1. (30)):37-47. Dostupno na:
A. Kozina, "INTERKULTURALNE KOMPETENCIJE VOJNIH NASTAVNIKA1", Andragoški glasnik, vol.17, br. 1. (30), str. 37-47, 2013. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 15.11.2019.]

With the transformation of the Croatian Defence Academy into high educational and scientific research military institute there is a need for continuous professional development of military teachers. Military vocation has certain implications in spiritual, moral, cultural, social and economic development of the society. Accordingly, a military teacher has a key role in upbringing and education of future NCOs and officers. In order to meet all challenges in front of him, and in addition to having key qualifications, the military teacher should possess intercultural competencies not only as an officer but as a military teacher too. The development of intercultural competencies of an officer is influenced by education and training in military schools, participation in peace keeping missions and the work in multinational NATO commands. One of the main goals and tasks concerning the future of military schools is creating ways of improvements and professional achievements of teachers in military upbringing and education.

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Competencies of officers; competencies of teachers; intercultural competencies; military teacher

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