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Phase-Change Materials

Željko Kos ; Veleučilište u Varaždinu, Varaždin, Hrvatska

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Today's practice of sustainable construction requires quick and rational construction of energy efficient buildings. The tendency during construction is to dematerialise construction elements, which leads to the reduction of heat accumulation of building and indirectly to the increased consumption of energy for heating, cooling and air conditioning. The problem of heat capacity, especially notable in lightweight structures, is increasingly solved using phase-change materials (PCM), which have much greater ability to store heat than conventional building materials. This feature allows them to pass from one to another physical condition in the temperature interval of 20-30°C, and at the same time to store or release large amounts of latent heat usable for room temperature control. At temperatures lower and higher than the temperature of the melting point they behave like other construction materials; however, their specific heat capacity is usually much higher, and with sensible heat, they contribute to better thermal performance of buildings in use.

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phase-change; latent; sensible; melting point; heat capacity

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