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[Construction of the bridge body]

H. Schwickerath ; Uni vers itäts-Zahn-und Kieferklinik Köln

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The bridge body is a part of the bridge construction dependent of the
span, dimensions, profile, shape and material, and often exposed to great tensions and functional powers, occasionally up to 1000 N.
It is quite understandable therefore that all these circumstances impose corresponding constructional problems, in an attempt to avoid any possible flexions and maintain full rigidity of the construction.
In this study, considerable attention was paid to these phenomena, especially pointing to narrow,mgs between individual intersegments, propontionally weakening the static resistance of a bridge, the advantages of the bridge body height over its width, and finally to the drawbacks of of Inzoma-structures in metal ceramics calling for particular caution when using it. A number of mathematical and experiance arguments support the practical part of the study, adding to its value and reliability.

Ključne riječi
Bridge body; statics; inzoma

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