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Medium of poetic Word as a Way of transferring Sufi Gnosis

Vesna Ivezić ; Mate Blazina Secondary School, Labin, Croatia

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V. Ivezić, "Poetska riječ – medij sufijske gnoze", In medias res, vol.2, br. 2, str. 192-213, 2013. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 27.11.2021.]

Sufism confuses the scholars because it is not in accordance with the strict canons of rational knowledge. Sufi gnosis is taught by the interaction of teacher’s and student’s spirit, and in the process of transferring, to rational methods "not transferable", together with stories, anecdotes, allegory, metaphor, music, dance, the role of poetry as an important media, is of great importance. Sufi poetry has its outside and inside, and its message can not be explained by rational theorizing, and is understandable only to those who share the same experience. Zen koans have similar function. It is considered that the oldest spiritual records of the world, were incurred by the interaction between man and God. Word / Logos /, as the supreme manifestation of God, was announced to selected individuals, and for centuries passed down from teacher to pupil orally. An important aspect of understanding Sufi texts, ancient knowledge in general, is the symbolism of the letters (letter mysticism), where the emphasis is on the mystical meaning of single letters and their schedule in words.

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Sufi gnosis; Sufi poetry; media; transferrnig untransferrable; letter mysticizm

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