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Influence of slab connection in case of expanded concrete pavements

Aleksandra Deluka-Tibljaš
Andrija Prager
Tatjana Rukavina

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APA 6th Edition
Deluka-Tibljaš, A., Prager, A. & Rukavina, T. (2002). Utjecaj povezanosti ploča dilatiranoga betonskog kolnika. Građevinar, 54 (02.), 87-91. Retrieved from
MLA 8th Edition
Deluka-Tibljaš, Aleksandra, et al. "Utjecaj povezanosti ploča dilatiranoga betonskog kolnika." Građevinar, vol. 54, no. 02., 2002, pp. 87-91. Accessed 22 Oct. 2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Deluka-Tibljaš, Aleksandra, Andrija Prager and Tatjana Rukavina. "Utjecaj povezanosti ploča dilatiranoga betonskog kolnika." Građevinar 54, no. 02. (2002): 87-91.
Deluka-Tibljaš, A., Prager, A., and Rukavina, T. (2002). 'Utjecaj povezanosti ploča dilatiranoga betonskog kolnika', Građevinar, 54(02.), pp. 87-91. Available at: (Accessed 22 October 2020)
Deluka-Tibljaš A, Prager A, Rukavina T. Utjecaj povezanosti ploča dilatiranoga betonskog kolnika. Građevinar [Internet]. 2002 [cited 2020 October 22];54(02.):87-91. Available from:
A. Deluka-Tibljaš, A. Prager and T. Rukavina, "Utjecaj povezanosti ploča dilatiranoga betonskog kolnika", Građevinar, vol.54, no. 02., pp. 87-91, 2002. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 22 October 2020]

Load transfer from the stressed slab to the neighboring unstressed slab is analyzed in order to establish possibilities for stress reduction in concrete. The contact between slabs is established by means of reinforcing steel shear studs while the influence of friction in the concrete to concrete contact is neglected. The influence of slab thickness, slab cross-section and spacing of shear studs is analyzed, and the expansion joint movement due to change in temperature is studied. Conditions enabling transfer of more than 40 percent of load onto the neighboring slab are defined.

expanded concrete slab; deck slab; connection of slabs; shear stud; expansion joint; load transfer

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