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Ecumenism of Pope Francis

Ivan Macut   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Theology Antonianum, Rome

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In this article we want to show ecumenical teaching of Pope Francis in his first year of his Pontificate. In the first part of the article entitled “Pope Francis continues through its predecessor” in a few key points we showed his ecumenical learning: Pope Francis for his ecumenical learning find foundation in the dogmatic and ecumenical teachings of the Second Vatican Council; not deviate from the opinion that as the pope also and hereditary of St. Peter promotes Catholic teaching about Baptism of children; representing traditional Catholic teaching on the relationship between Scripture and Tradition and represents spiritual ecumenism. In the second part of the article entitled “Ecumenism is the way of the Church” was pointed out to the Pope Francis clearly underlines the urgent need to seek out and work on reciprocal unity of Christians. In his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium and in his first encyclical Lumen fidei, as in other speeches, Pope Francis emphasizes that ecumenism is not something that can be waived, but also ecumenism is neither mere diplomacy or coercion (Evangelii gaudium, no. 246). Pope emphasizes the following: it is necessary to concentrate to what unites us; it is necessary to respect the hierarchy of the truths of faith; go towards common forms of proclamation, service and witness; work of Christian unity facilitates the proclamation of Jesus Christ and there is many things we can learn from each other, emphasizes Pope Francis. In the third and last part of the article, titled “The future of ecumenism”, we have tried to sketch in a few lines what the ecumenical future we can expect from the Pope. The future unity of the Church by Pope Francis will not be a miracle from God, but need to work together and pray for the unity of the future which will, in the end, again be a God’s gift to us Christians. It is extremely important that all Christians, everyone in your field and in your vocation, pray and work to help Christians overcome existing conflicts and re-united because unity is always greater than conflicts, says Pope Francis. Since the model of unification, according to Pope, is ‘unity in diversity’ and that, therefore, the way that we in the future, when it comes to ecumenism, to go.

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Pope Francis; ecumenism; Scripture and Tradition; the future of ecumenism; unity in diversity

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