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Digital logopedic set in speech and hearing rehabilitation

Mladen Heđever ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Speech and Language Pathology

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Digital logopedic set (DLS) represents an innovation in sound processing. It uses digital signal processing which enables fast and precise processing of sounds with almost the same quality as the human brain. It offers advance technology with user friendly
accessibility. With its 45 stored applications which can easily be activated, DLS is not limited to one specific rehabilitation method; it can be implemented as a support tool in most therapeutic environments, accompanying any method of rehabilitation. DLS can be used in diagnostics relating to voice and speech disorders and it is especially useful for auditory training. Owing to its numerous possibilities of sound filtering and dynamic sound processing, DLS is very useful for speech and hearing training of children with cochlear implants. Over the last 10 years, 200 institutions have found DLS to be helpful in everyday clinical practice, and one could say it has become a part of the standard equipment for speech and hearing training.

Ključne riječi
digital logopedic set; digital signal processing; logopedic rehabilitation; speech diorderds; hearing impairments

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