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Radovi/Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zadar : Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zadar, No.43 October 2001.

Original scientific paper

The Papal Letters of the second half of the IXth Century to addressees in Croatia

Milko Brković

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Brković, M. (2001). Diplomatička analiza papinskih pisama druge polovice IX. stoljeća destinatarima u Hrvatskoj. Radovi Zavoda za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru, (43), 29-44. Retrieved from

The article deals with about fifteen registered letters of which the majority belong to the time of Pope John VIII (872-882) and the Croatian ruler Branimir (879-892). On the basis of a diplomatic analysis of the letters and a comparison with contemporary and later documents of the offices of the Croatian national rulers, the author arrives at the conclusion that these were two totally different offices. Only certain diplomatic confirmatory formulas of the original documents of the Croatian national rulers, by their number, by certain elemts and expressions bear a certain similarity with the papal letters of the second half of the IXth century. However, the structure itself of these documents is wholly different. For example, the papal letters most frequently commence with a formula of inscription while such an element is absent from the documents of the contemporary and later office of the Croatian rulers. Alongside the inscription, papal letters always contain the narration and the disposition, with elements of the "arenga", and the dating, while the documents of the Croatian office are much richer in diplomatic formulas. Th partial influence of the papal office on the documents of the office of the Croatian national rulers can be perceived only during the royal period of the Croatian office.

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