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Prolegomena : Journal of Philosophy, Vol.6 No.1 May 2007.

Original scientific paper

Homosexual marriage: The Victory of Political Correctness and Bad Arguments

Neven Sesardić

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Sesardić, N. (2007). Homoseksualni brak: pobjeda političke korektnosti i loših argumenata. Prolegomena : Časopis za filozofiju, 6(1), 5-28. Retrieved from

Many Western intellectuals, especially those in humanities and social
sciences, think that it can be easily shown that the persistent and massive opposition to same-sex marriage is rationally indefensible and that it is merely a result of prejudice or religious fanaticism. But a more detailed analysis of some of these widely accepted arguments against the conservative position reveals that these arguments are in fact based on logical fallacies and serious distortions of conservative criticisms of homosexual marriage. It is concluded that philosophers ought to resist the pressure of political correctness and that they should approach the debate with a more open mind than before.

Marriage; same-sex marriage; conservatism; political correctness; practical ethics

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