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Medicina Fluminensis : Medicina Fluminensis, Vol.50. No.4 Prosinac 2014.


Dementia syndrome caused by multifocal and intraventricular brain cysticercosis: case report

Irena Gašparić   ORCID icon ; Odjel neurologija, Opća županijska bolnica Požega, Požega
Tea Miklaušić Šimleša ; Odjel neurologija, Opća županijska bolnica Požega, Požega
Sandra Gašparić ; Odjel patologija, Opća županijska bolnica Požega, Požega
Andrea Šimić Klarić ; Odjel pedijatrija, Opća županijska bolnica Požega, Požega

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (686 KB) str. 468-472 preuzimanja: 335* citiraj
Gašparić, I., Miklaušić Šimleša, T., Gašparić, S., Šimić Klarić, A. (2014). Sindrom demencije uzrokovan multifokalnom i intraventrikularnom cisticerkozom mozga: prikaz slučaja. Medicina Fluminensis : Medicina Fluminensis, 50.(4), 468-472. Preuzeto s

Aim: Neurocysticercosis is a rare disease in Croatia. In most cases it occurs sporadically as the damage of cognitive functions and development of dementia consequent to the parasitic rain disease. Case report: We present a 59-year-old patient who exibited a sudden onset of the disease through development of severe damage to cognitive functions: damage to the short term memory, losses in the fields of attention and executive functions, hindered speech, damage to postural reflexes accompanied with frequent falls without any loss of conscience. Neuroradiological, laboratory and serological processing determined the parasitic brain disease caused by cysticercus, accompanied with multifocal parasitic development in the brain and development of hydrocephalus. A neurosurgeron was consulted, and because of the active disease operative treatment was not indicated, whereas an antiparasitic therapy was recommended. Following treatment with albendasole and prednisolone, the clinical condition of the patient improved and cognitive functions gradually recovered. Conclusion: A progressive decay of cognitive functions characteristic of dementia may be a part of the clinical presentation of neurocysticercosis in terms of a differential diagnosis. A timely diagnosis and an antiparasitic therapy may slow down permanent damage to the higher brain functions.

Ključne riječi
dementia; neurocysticercosis; therapy

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