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Služba Božja : liturgijsko-pastoralna revija, Vol.54 No.3-4 Prosinac 2014.

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Requests to priests for protection and promotion of traditional family church-moral values according to the document Instrumentum laboris

Ivan Macut   ORCID icon ; Croatian Catholic Mission in Berlin, Germany

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Macut, I. (2014). Zahtjevi upućeni svećenicima za zaštitu obitelji i promicanje tradicionalnih crkveno-moralnih vrednota. Prema Instrumentum Laboris za III. Izvanrednu generalnu skupštinu Biskupske sinode. Služba Božja : liturgijsko-pastoralna revija, 54(3-4), 307-329. Preuzeto s

This paper we have divided into two parts. In the first part, entitled “Critique and requirements referred to priests”, we are dedicated to criticism and specific requirements, which are referred to priests and pastoral workers as a whole, resulting from the responses received and the proposals with regard to family issues such as family and the protection of fundamental and religious values with respect to the family and its survival in today’s world collected in Instrumentum Laboris. Issues can be broadly classified as follows: a) the need for better preparation of homilies; b) insufficient knowledge of Church documents; c) insufficient knowledge about issues of sexuality, procreation and fertility regulation and disagreement with the teachings of the Church; d) scandals in the Catholic Church (pedophilia, inappropriate moral life, wealth); e) a breach of Church regulations with respect to the division of the sacraments divorced and re-Civil married. The second part is entitled “Analysis of requirements and deepening the themes.” In this section, we deepen our view of the issues arising from the Instrumentum Laboris, and which, we believe, could improve pastoral activity and the role of the priest considering the issues with which we deal with in this paper. Finally, the conclusion is that much of what now threatens the family and the priests are called to be those who will preach the word of God, a correct representation of the moral teachings of the Church and their moral life to protect the family as such and traditional family and the Church values, to be in the present time and that is not favorable to the family, family life and the moral teaching of the Church, preserve the values which the Church stands for.

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Instrumentum Laboris; family; priest; moral teaching; tradition

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