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Acta graphica : journal for printing science and graphic communications, Vol.24 No.3-4 December 2013.

Original scientific paper

Shape Metamorphosis – Automatic 3D Mesh Generation, Topology Verification and Analysis

Tomasz Zawadzki ; University of Zielona Góra
Dominik Kujawa

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Zawadzki, T., Kujawa, D. (2013). Shape Metamorphosis – Automatic 3D Mesh Generation, Topology Verification and Analysis. Acta graphica : znanstveni časopis za tiskarstvo i grafičke komunikacije, 24(3-4), 67-78. Retrieved from

The objective of this paper is a 3D shape construction that benefits from discrete and continuous modelling approaches. The proposed solution addresses the problem of automated modelling of virtual structures such as caves, buildings and clouds and presents an alternative solution in the form of a hybrid system. Parallel realizations of these solutions are tested on various processors of graphic cards with the use of NVIDIA ‘CUDA’ technology. This paper describes the implementation of algorithms (approaches) and their parallel speedup, efficiency, throughput. Modelled structures are geometrically complex, with an inner graph structure more optimized than in the classical CSG approach. Moreover, they can be rendered up to very high levels of visual realism. In this paper we mainly focus on the description of the algorithm. We also propose very useful measures that can be used to verify the model geometry.

Procedural Modelling; Shape Grammar; Morphing; Hybrid Measures

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