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Božena Tušar ; Faculty of Civil Engineering, Zagreb

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B. Tušar, "GOSPODARENJE OTPADOM", Socijalna ekologija, vol.1, br. 4, str. 547-554, 1992. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 12.07.2020.]

The essay is describing the problem of basic life ecological system (air, water and soil) being polluted by waste matter as the result of growing number of inhabitants and development of industries, especially chemical industry. The quantity of waste matter in the problematic system is increasing steadily, and the long years of non-caring and non-solving of the problem have resulted in numerous non organized dump yards which are now emitting poisonous and dangerous matters into the surrounding.
The classification of the waste matter has been made, as well as the survey of processing and placing of waste matter by the procedures used today. The procedures can be grouped by the methods of processing to: chemical-physical, biological, thermic methods; the controlling can be established of dumping of the waste matter or remnants of the waste on the grounds on which one of the methods has been applied.
The special emphasis has been laid on the processing of the waste as, in itself, it is also a technological process and can be releasing damaging residues into the environment, therefore the most acceptable method for the type of waste should be chosen though respecting technical, economical and environmental conditions.

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compost making; dump yards; incineration; recycling; sanitary measures for depots; waste matter

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