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Peristil : zbornik radova za povijest umjetnosti, Vol. 33 No. 1, 1990.

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Antonio Abondio: the Medal of Rudolph II

Ivan Mirnik ; Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu

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The Numismatic Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb owns one of the many superb medals modelled by Antonio Abondio (Milan 1538-Vienna 22nd May 1591), the Italian whose art conquered not only the imperial courts of Vienna and Prague, but those of Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. The said medal was cast in 1576 to mark the accession of the 24 year old Rudolph II to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire. On the obverse his bareheaded cuirassed bust is accopanied by the legend RVDOLPHVS II ROM IMP: AVG, whereas the reverse shows an eagle flying among the clouds, the letters celebrating the SALVTI PVBLICAE. It is of silver, 46 millimeters in diameter, bearing the catalogue number 7038. The medal was purchased in 1911 in Frankfurt at the auction where St. Petersburg's Imperial Hermitage duplicates were sold at Adolph Hess'. Identical medals formed part of the famous collections owned by Leopold Welzl von Wellenheim, Prince Montenuovo, Baron Larma, as well as by Ernst Prince of Windisch — Gratz, etc. In addition the author describes the artist's life and works dating between 1561 and 1587, which have been the subject of many

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