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The Baptistery in Zadar

Pavuša Vežić ; Zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture, Zadar

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The Baptistery in Zadar is an early Christian building. lt belongs to the episcopal complex which grew at the edge of the Roman forum whose layout of walls and directions predetermined the layout of the buildings, including the location of the baptistery within the complex. Untortunately, it has not been preserved: it was destroyed in the 1943 war ravages in Zadar. The old documents about it are therefore of special importance, particularly the architectural drawings from the end of the last and the beginning of this century (some of them enclosed with this paper). Owing to them we can make graphic reconstructions of the height of the building,the part which connected it to the Cathedral and some other details and characteristics of its form and function.
Due to a trully original form of this building which is unique in architectural heritage, it is impossible to point out what it was modelled on. Yet owing to the structure of space and construction, the Baptistery can be connected with the early Christian period of the 4th or the 5th century.
ln Dalmatia there is a number of hexagonal buildings whose form and size are quite similar to those of the Zadar Baptistery. They make up a group of pre-Romanesque chapels modelled on this Baptistery, which is corroborated by their form, dimensions and especially by their number. There are two examples from this group in Zadar, five more in the area gravitating towards Zadar, and three outside it. All these facts suggest the hypothesis about a certain studio which produced this type of building and a workshop which adopted it and passed it on.

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