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Three New Painting by Tripo Kokolja

Radoslav Tomić ; Regionalni zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture, Split

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Tripo Kokolja (b. Perast Feb. 28, 1661, d. Oct. 18, 1713), the most significant Baroque painter of Dalmatia, active at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. The artist was probably apprenticed in Venice, and worked in the native Perast and the nearby townlets of the Boka Kotorska region, only to appear in Dubrovnik, Hvar and at the end of his lifetime, and die there.
The author of the text attributes three important new works to the artist. The altar pala of the Virgin of the Holy Rosary with St. Dominic, St. Catherine, St. Anthony, St. Nicholas and an unknown Dominican saint of the monumental Baroque church in Prčanj belongs to Kokolja`s best works and shows all of his painterly traits.
During his stay on the island of Korčula Kokolja painted his afterwads dismantled series with the medallions of the Holy Rosary in the Dominican church of St. Nicholas, and the small Adoration of the Shepherds in the confraternity of St. Roch.
The author believes that Tripo Kokolja left his native Perast at the peak of its prosperity, after the murder of Vicko Bujović when the town was shaken by unrest and rioting. Otherwise it would be impossible to explain what made Kokolja depart from the then economically and culturally flourishing Boka Kotorska region which had kept him so busy with its many commissions.

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