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Rade Kalanj ; Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb

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Kalanj, R. (1996). PISMENOST I DJELOVANJE. Socijalna ekologija, 5 (3), 387-402. Preuzeto s
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Kalanj, R. (1996). 'PISMENOST I DJELOVANJE', Socijalna ekologija, 5(3), str. 387-402. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 13.04.2021.)
Kalanj R. PISMENOST I DJELOVANJE. Socijalna ekologija [Internet]. 1996 [pristupljeno 13.04.2021.];5(3):387-402. Dostupno na:
R. Kalanj, "PISMENOST I DJELOVANJE", Socijalna ekologija, vol.5, br. 3, str. 387-402, 1996. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 13.04.2021.]

The paper deals with the topic of literacy from the perspective of its complexness in the age of vast informational and communicational symbolism, in order to get at the end to the issue of environmental literacy. Starting from the Saint Augustine's reference on solitary individuality and spirituality of a literate man, present–day and modern redirection that will transform individual spirituality into objectivised power is being expounded. The development of literacy, in this context, has a linear character, that could be observed from the very beginning of literacy, through later technological extensions in "Gutenberg's Galaxy", to the period of electronic mediatization. Four fundamental trends, in the period of late modernity, codesign the development of literacy: democracy before the challenge of "mass society", total informatization, the third technological revolution and environmental dimension of development. Environmental literacy should be, therefore, viewed from that complex optics, and above all from the standpoint of reflexive modernization. The growth of social reflection is simultaneously also the growth of environmental literacy. It requires knowledge from the modern man, in order to be able to act upon things that have been created by his knowledge.

Ključne riječi
informatization; intrasecular individualism; linearity; mass society; media–sphere; reflexive modernization; spiritual power; textuality; video–sphere

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