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Economic Aspects of Sin Industry in Croatia

Željko Lovrinčević ; Institute of Economics, Zagreb
Davor Mikulić ; Ekonomski institut, Zagreb
Ante Orlović ; Visoka policijska škola, Zagreb

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APA 6th Edition
Lovrinčević, Ž., Mikulić, D. i Orlović, A. (2015). Ekonomski aspekti industrije poroka u Hrvatskoj. Društvena istraživanja, 24 (2), 175-196.
MLA 8th Edition
Lovrinčević, Željko, et al. "Ekonomski aspekti industrije poroka u Hrvatskoj." Društvena istraživanja, vol. 24, br. 2, 2015, str. 175-196. Citirano 01.03.2021.
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Lovrinčević, Željko, Davor Mikulić i Ante Orlović. "Ekonomski aspekti industrije poroka u Hrvatskoj." Društvena istraživanja 24, br. 2 (2015): 175-196.
Lovrinčević, Ž., Mikulić, D., i Orlović, A. (2015). 'Ekonomski aspekti industrije poroka u Hrvatskoj', Društvena istraživanja, 24(2), str. 175-196.
Lovrinčević Ž, Mikulić D, Orlović A. Ekonomski aspekti industrije poroka u Hrvatskoj. Društvena istraživanja [Internet]. 2015 [pristupljeno 01.03.2021.];24(2):175-196.
Ž. Lovrinčević, D. Mikulić i A. Orlović, "Ekonomski aspekti industrije poroka u Hrvatskoj", Društvena istraživanja, vol.24, br. 2, str. 175-196, 2015. [Online].

The aim of this paper is the analysis of the so-called sin
industry in Croatia, during the 2008–2013 recession period.
The sin industry in Croatia demonstrates resilience to
recession by increasing its share in the economy. The share
of the sin industry in the Croatian gross domestic product
hovers around 2.17%, reaching 6.2 billion kuna. The most
significant part of the sin industry is the manufacture and
distribution of alcoholic beverages, followed by the
manufacture of tobacco products and gambling activities.
Less important, although still significant, are illegal activities
such as prostitution and drug production and distribution.
The sin industry consists of the so-called illegal and legal
part. The illegal part accounts for 0.84% of the economy or
3.3 billion kuna. At the same time, the sin industry provides
22.5 thousand jobs, with a rising trend within the total
employment in the period of recession (+15.6%).

Ključne riječi
sin industry; illegal economy; Croatia

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