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Phenomenon and essence of gratitude

Ivan Koprek ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Discourse on the subjects of the gift and gratitude is certainly not popular in a self-centred society. Gratitude is necessarily preceded by a feeling of personal helplessness, for gratitude is something we express to another: it stipulates an acknowledgement of our wretchedness and an awareness that someone has bestowed upon us a gift. The author of this study wished to illuminate the phenomenon of the gift and gratitude and the connotations of these terms. There is no intention on the author's part to ponder the wisdom which the words gift, praise and gratitude convey, in terms of semantics and etymology; he does not dwell on the diverse relationship between gratitude and other acts common to man. His ultimate goal is to answer the question: what does philosophy have to say about the gift and gratitude, or rather, in how far can discourse on the gift and gratitude give one access to personalistic metaphysics.

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