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Fathers in the Past and Today

Ivona Cvrtnjak
Renata Miljević Riđički ; Učiteljski fakultet u Zagrebu

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APA 6th Edition
Cvrtnjak, I. i Miljević Riđički, R. (2015). OČEVI NEKAD I DANAS. Život i škola, LXI (1), 113-119. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Cvrtnjak, Ivona i Renata Miljević Riđički. "OČEVI NEKAD I DANAS." Život i škola, vol. LXI, br. 1, 2015, str. 113-119. Citirano 19.04.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Cvrtnjak, Ivona i Renata Miljević Riđički. "OČEVI NEKAD I DANAS." Život i škola LXI, br. 1 (2015): 113-119.
Cvrtnjak, I., i Miljević Riđički, R. (2015). 'OČEVI NEKAD I DANAS', Život i škola, LXI(1), str. 113-119. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 19.04.2021.)
Cvrtnjak I, Miljević Riđički R. OČEVI NEKAD I DANAS. Život i škola [Internet]. 2015 [pristupljeno 19.04.2021.];LXI(1):113-119. Dostupno na:
I. Cvrtnjak i R. Miljević Riđički, "OČEVI NEKAD I DANAS", Život i škola, vol.LXI, br. 1, str. 113-119, 2015. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 19.04.2021.]

This paper deals with the changing role of a father in family life during the several past decades. There are positive attitudes about the modern fathers and their increased involvement in raising their own children in contemporary society. In addition, the research studies on a father’s role in child’s development have provided some new insights into the importance of a father figure. The results of recent studies show that there is a growing trend of younger men’s in particularly greater involvement in family life and taking care of children. A majority of young men includes fatherhood in their life plans. To check whether the notable shift in the father’s role between the past and present has happened, we have interviewed 22 kindergarten children. The analysis of the responses has shown the fathers’ greater involvement in the activities with their children. This indicates that the father’s role is changing – from the traditional “bread and butter” provider to the modern father involved in the process of upbringing.

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father in the past and today; father's role in child upbringing

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