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Jelica Ambruš ; Galerija likovnih umjetnosti u Osijeku

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Ambruš, Jelica. "Likovna umjetnost Osijeka, 1900.-1940.." Peristil 31-32, no. 1 (1988): 207-214.
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Visual ar t i n Os i jek, 1900 — 1940c, onsl'tulcd an i n t egral
par t of t h e Cr oatian i isual ar t of t h a t p e r iod of
time. Fi rsf per iod, unti l 19 18,i i as characterized by t h e
beginning of >noder»ism, developed within the f rames of
Austro-Hungaria>r govern>»ent and u'as int roduced by t h e
generatio» of o u r a r t i st s e dr lcafed i n V i e nna, Prague,
1>!unich and Paris. Second period lastećl betu'een tu>o u>ars,
1918 — 1940, when the de»elop>nent of modernis»l u>as resumed
in the neu'ly formed state. Osijek i s a t ou>n u>ith
Q vich visual art t radi tion f ro>n the 18th and 19th centuri .
l» the 20th centr>rv
, the »isual ar t ac t ivi ties i n the tou"»
u>ere intensified and better organized. Fro>n 1909 until 1929,
the Club of Croatian Wviters and Ar t ists. u *ith a Sectio»
of Visual Arts, uas act>ie in Osijek, from 1920, the Society
for Pro>»otion of Sc ience anđ Ar ts, i i it h a S e c t ion of
Visual Arts, and the Society of Visual Ar tists of Os>jek, Qnđ fro>n 1933 u»til 1944 the Mursa Archeological Club,
were also Qcti»e in Osijek. T1re G»>vć!1 Secondarv School
in Osijek u>as the first real source of talents in visual avts.
Acfivities of pr ivate ar t schools u*ere also of utmost importance.
Exhibitions u'ere»rore fveqrle»tly organized, a'li»g the appeara»ce of i isual a r t cr i t i c is>n, patvonage
ć, . ! collecti»g. Book get up ui thi» fn đtfrrl pub!ishi»g acti".
ties should also be >mentioned here.

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