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Antun Dragutin Parčić and his glagolitic Missal

Antun Josip Soldo

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Antun Dragutin Parčić and his glagolitic Missal
In the second half of the 19th century the publication of a new missal in Old Church Slavonic was a necessity for older missals had been destroyed mostly by long usage. However this need at the time coincided with the wish induced by the national movement not to forget Glagolitic cultural heritage and te idea that the printing of such a missal would serve to bring closer together the two churches of South Slaves, the Catholic and the Ortodox. As Austrian authorities were opposed to the printing of the Missal and other factors also showed no understanding for the plan its realization was neither quick nor easy. It took more than thirty years of tenacious and laborious work to publish the Missal as is described in the paper. This work was mostly conducted by Antun Dragutin Parčić (1832-1902), an expert in Old Church Slavonic biblical and liturgical texts. He was supported by the bishop of Đakovo J. J. Strossmayer and the archibishop of bar Š. Milinović. His advisers were F. Rački and V. Jagič. Parčić broke with the translation of Russianized texts of older printed Glagolitic missals and with the help of linguistic science of the time he changed the text of the Missal to the Old Croatian redaction of Old Church Slavonic. Jagić called the Missal "a triumph of Slavic philology". J. Tandarić stressed that although there are certain weaknesses in the style of lettering the Missal is a consistant return to the style of lettering and the language of the "Croatian type" which follows Karaman's Missal as well as Old Croatian redactions.
Parčić, a lover of the national heritage - the Glagolitic script, left to the Old Church Slavonic Academy in Krk (on the foundation of which he worked but did not live to see the realization of his dreams) his comprehensive written material as well as his printing tools and Old Church Slavonic lettres.

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