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Glagolitic graffito from Gradac

Vicko Kapitanović

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (5 MB) str. 169-175 preuzimanja: 937* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Kapitanović, V. (1999). Gradački glagoljski grafit. Slovo, (47-48-49), 169-175. Preuzeto s
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Kapitanović, Vicko. "Gradački glagoljski grafit." Slovo, vol. , br. 47-48-49, 1999, str. 169-175. Citirano 27.09.2021.
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Kapitanović, Vicko. "Gradački glagoljski grafit." Slovo , br. 47-48-49 (1999): 169-175.
Kapitanović, V. (1999). 'Gradački glagoljski grafit', Slovo, (47-48-49), str. 169-175. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 27.09.2021.)
Kapitanović V. Gradački glagoljski grafit. Slovo [Internet]. 1999 [pristupljeno 27.09.2021.];(47-48-49):169-175. Dostupno na:
V. Kapitanović, "Gradački glagoljski grafit", Slovo, vol., br. 47-48-49, str. 169-175, 1999. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 27.09.2021.]

The author presents a copy and the transcription of a short Glagolitic insrctiption on an unfinished rough piece of stone 16,5 x 43 x 6 cm, with the inscription field size 9 x 23 cm. Sacristan Ivan Vidović found the stone fragment in the Gradac cemetery, ten kilometres north-east of Drniš. The inscription is a warning to someone not to be merry because of a celebrity but because of the fortune that accompanies him. On the basis of paleographic analysis the inscription shows some graphic similarities with the Vienna Fragment, the Ljubljana Homiliar, the First Vrbnik Breviary, the Hum Graffito, and the Humac Plate. It can be from the second half of the 12th, or the first half of the 13th century when the Glagolitic script was widely used in Croatia. In that time a few local armed conflicts and two military aggressions (Byzantium, Tatars) took place. Even the Hungarian king Bela IV had to flee to the Adriatic Coast, close to the place where the inscription was found. Therefore it was important not only to be swift, but also to have a good luck as the inscription emphasised.

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