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Glagolitic manuscripts kept in the archives of Russia

Светлана О. Вялова

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APA 6th Edition
Вялова, С.О. (2006). Глаголическе памятники в хранилищах России. Slovo, (54-55), 171-194. Preuzeto s
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Chicago 17th Edition
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Вялова, С.О. (2006). 'Глаголическе памятники в хранилищах России', Slovo, (54-55), str. 171-194. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 21.01.2020.)
Вялова СО. Глаголическе памятники в хранилищах России. Slovo [Internet]. 2006 [pristupljeno 21.01.2020.];(54-55):171-194. Dostupno na:
С.О. Вялова, "Глаголическе памятники в хранилищах России", Slovo, vol., br. 54-55, str. 171-194, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 21.01.2020.]

In Russia, some archives in St. Petersburg and Moscow keep a great number of Glagolitic manuscripts of the 11th/16th century. In St. Petersburg it is primarly the Russian National Library where the manusrcipts in both rounded and angular form of the Glagolitic script are stored. Prominent among them are the oldest Zograf Gospel of 11th century and a collection of manuscripts of the 13th-16th century written in the angular type of Glagolitic script that belonged to Ivan Berchich. The Russian Academy of Science Library keep Glagolitic fragments of the 11th century, Glagolitic fragment of the Breviarium of the 14th/15th cent. and collected precepts of the Blessed Jerome of the 15th century. St. Petersburg branch of the RAS Archives stores a fragment of breviarium of the 15th century. The Russian State Library in Moscow stores the well-known Mariinsky Gospel of the 11th c. and a two-volume Breviary of mid-15th c. A fragment of Missal of the 15 c. is kept in the State History Museum.
Moreover, the Central library of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev keeps the well-known Glagolitic leaves of the 10/11th c., and the State Science Library in Odessa stores a fragment of the Ohrid Gospel of the 11th c. and some leaves of Missal of the 14th/15th c.

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