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Sperandio Savelli: Agostiono Barbarigo

Ivan Mirnik ; Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu

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Mirnik, I. (1981). 'Sperandio Savelli: Agostiono Barbarigo', Peristil, 24(1), str. 45-47. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 02.06.2020.)
Mirnik I. Sperandio Savelli: Agostiono Barbarigo. Peristil [Internet]. 1981 [pristupljeno 02.06.2020.];24(1):45-47. Dostupno na:
I. Mirnik, "Sperandio Savelli: Agostiono Barbarigo", Peristil, vol.24, br. 1, str. 45-47, 1981. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 02.06.2020.]

In this paper the author discusses one of the 200-odd medals of the Italian Renaissance kept in the Department of Coins and Medals of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb. It is the rare medal of the Venetian dodge Agostino Barbarigo (born 1419, dodge 1486, abdicated 1501), by Sperandio Savelli (born c. 1425, died 1504) with the bust of Barbarigo three quarters to the right , with a long beard, wearing the ducal cap and mantle, on the obverse. The legend is: (rose) AVGVSTINVS BARBADICVS VENETORVM DVX On the reverse one can see the doge in cap and robes, kneeling right and holding a banner with the lion of St. Mark; before him is the Lion of St. Mark, standing, left, nimbate, holding a book with his right forepaw. Both are on a rocky ground. Both the obverse and the reverse show a plain border. The legend on the reverse is: (leaf)OPVS(leaf)/ SPERA/NDEI , in exergue, (Armand I, 75, 46; Hill. p. 103, 401, P1.75; Hall 66). This medal was cast during Sperandio s year spent in Mantua (1495 — 1496) to commemorate the victory over the French and their king Charles VIII at Fornovo on 6th June 1495. Except for a few scratches and a hole, it is well preserved. It entered the Zagreb Collection in 1894 as a gift of Dr. Gjuro Catti of Rijeka. There are three more medals by Sperandio Savelli in museums of Croatia: the portrait of Andrea Barbazzo (Armand I, 64, 4; Hill 384) at the Town Museum in Split , the medal od Giovanni Bentivoglio II (Armand I , 65, 7; Hill 355) at the Museum of Applied Arts in Zagreb and a battered specimen of the Federigo Montefeltro medal (Armand I , 71, 29; Hill 389) at the Museum of the Požega Valley at Slavonska Požega.

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