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A thousand in a thousand ways

Jasna Vince ; Staroslavenski institut u Zagrebu

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There are many ways to express a cardinal number 1000 in Croatian. Along with a lexical diversity (tisuća, hiljada, som, jezero, miljar, tavžan i sl.) there exists a morphosyntactic one described in this article. The corpus based on the examples picked from Google Search reveals the cardinal number 1000 as a noun, an adjective or an adverb. The noun 1000 can be accompanied either by a counted word in the genitive plural or in the case required. As can be expected, a counted word agrees with the adjectival number 1000. With the adverb 1000 a counted word is usually in the genitive plural. The other possibilities are the case required and the unexpected case.

Ključne riječi
numeral phrases; counted word; cardinal number 1000; noun 1000; adjective 1000; adverb 1000; determinator

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