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Zdenka Šinkić ; Hrvatski povijesni muzej, Zagreb

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Even if our museum buildings do not possess certificates of ecological building and energy efficiency, every day we can do lots of simple things to support and internalise green behaviour and a sustainable life style. There are a number of factors that have an effect on energy use and they are a huge and unused potential for saving in every museum, with respect being paid to the principle of sustainability. Most of the energy can be saved in mere change of behaviour, while for some changes a certain amount of financial investment is required. Bearing all this in mind, it is not difficult to think in a green and sustainable manner and to act with the goal of sustainable development. For museums to get involved in the development of sustainability, no great financial resources are need, only a little good will. There are many ways in which museums can be greened and green operations be run, but the function and aims of the public
operations of a museum are in fact the education of the children and citizens of Croatia. Accordingly museums should take on the task of education in and promotion of sustainable behaviour, so as to meet at one and the same time all the current needs of our visitors and museum, and to leave the cultural inheritance to future generations in the state we have found it.

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