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International Journal Vallis Aurea, Vol.2 No.2 Prosinac 2016.

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Mirela Mezak Matijević ; Veleučilište u Požegi
Antun Marinac ; Veleučilište u Požegi

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Mezak Matijević, M., Marinac, A. (2016). EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS. International Journal Vallis Aurea, 2(2). doi:10.2507/IJVA.

The aim of this paper is to present the
composition and functioning of the EU institutions
involved in receiving, analysing, approval or
rejection of the application for the use of genetically
modified organisms. The manner of participation of
each institution is presented by using the
comparative and historical method, as well as the
method of analysis. The advantage of these methods
is a detailed analysis of the rights and
responsibilities of all participants in the approval
process for genetically modified organisms.
The paper analyses all the EU institutions that are
directly or indirectly associated with the approval
procedure, and those are: European Food Safety
Authority, European Parliament, European
Commission and Court of Justice of the European
Union. The problem of the whole institutional
framework is an insufficient contribution of the
constituent activity of the EU member states and
their national authorities and whole process should
be based more on the principle of subsidiarity.

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European Union, genetically modified organisms

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