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Aleksander Grm   ORCID icon ; University of Ljubljana, Faculty of maritime studies and transport, Pot pomorščakov 4, Portorož 6320, Slovenia

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Grm A. MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR RIVERBOAT DYNAMICS. Brodogradnja [Internet]. 2017 [pristupljeno 20.10.2021.];68(3):25-35.
A. Grm, "MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR RIVERBOAT DYNAMICS", Brodogradnja, vol.68, br. 3, str. 25-35, 2017. [Online].

Present work describes a simple dynamical model for riverboat motion based on the square drag law. Air and water interactions with the boat are determined from aerodynamic coefficients. CFX simulations were performed with fully developed turbulent flow to determine boat aerodynamic coefficients for an arbitrary angle of attack for the air and water portions separately. The effect of wave resistance is negligible compared to other forces. Boat movement analysis considers only two-dimensional motion, therefore only six aerodynamics coefficients are required. The proposed model is solved and used to determine the critical environmental parameters (wind and current) under which river navigation can be conducted safely. Boat simulator was tested in a single area on the Ljubljanica river and estimated critical wind velocity.

Ključne riječi
CFD; quadratic drag law; shallow riverboat; critical wind speed; critical current speed

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