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Arti musices : hrvatski muzikološki zbornik, Vol.48 No.1 Srpanj 2017.

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“To Arms!” – On 75 Years of the Activity of the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir: The First Four Seasons (1941–1945)

Tatjana Čunko   ORCID icon ; Hrvatska radiotelevizija, Hrvatski radio, Zagreb, Croatia

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Čunko, T. (2017). “U boj, u boj!” – uz 75 godina djelovanja Zbora Hrvatske radiotelevizije – prve četiri sezone (1941–1945). Arti musices : hrvatski muzikološki zbornik, 48(1). doi:10.21857/mzvkptx4d9

The Croatian Radiotelevision Choir is one of the four ensembles of the Croatian Radiotelevision and the only professional vocal ensemble in Croatia which specializes in performing a cappella repertory ranging from the Renaissance to the 20th century, as well as contemporary and historic works for large vocal and orchestral ensembles. As initial research of the Choir’s repertory reveals, the ensemble had performed public concerts only once or twice in a concert season, and thus this paper is focused on the repertory of the main Choir’s activity – live performances in the radio station studio, held one to four times a week during the Choir’s first four concert seasons – from June 1941 to May 1945. In that period, the basis of the Choir’s repertory was set mainly by three conductors. The first and the most important was Mladen Pozajić, who founded the Choir and conducted all of its public a cappella concerts, thus creating the impression that he was the only conductor of the Choir in this period. This paper reveals that there were two more conductors who also largely contributed in creating the Choir’s repertory – Dragan Gürtl and Boris Papandopulo. Each of them had his own repertory preferences - Pozajić preferred a cappella works of romantic and contemporary national composers based on folk music and the church music of the members of the Cecilian movement, while Gürtl and Papandopulo shared enthusiasm for the works for the stage, such as operas and operettas, and other large-scale vocal works with orchestra, from early classicism to the 20th century, 38 of which they adapted for radio performance. During the first four seasons the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir performed at least 881 different works (459 included by Pozajić, 234 by Gürtl, and 181 by Papandopulo) of 155 composers (of those, 92 were Croatian composers of which 80 were active in the first half of the 20th century).

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Croatian Wireless; Wireless Choir; Croatian Radiotelevision Choir; repertoire; Mladen Pozajić; Dragan Gürtl; Boris Papandopulo; Lovro Matačić; Caecilian Movement; Opera; Operetta; Radio

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