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In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, Vol.6 No.11 Rujan 2017.

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Domestic and Foreign Structured by Imagination in the World of Virtual Communication

Dejana Nešić ; Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade

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Nešić, D. (2017). Domaće i strano kao konstrukti imaginacije u svetu virtuelnog komuniciranja. In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, 6(11), 1677-1688. Preuzeto s

This paper deals with the relationship of domestic and foreign, which is structured by new social power of imagination in a deterritorialized, globally networked world. It is grounded in the theory of disjuncture by Arjun Appadurai which deals with media and migration as the main elements and which examines their united action in the work of imagination as a constitutive feature of the postmodern subjectivity. Mass migration and means of communication mark the post-electronic world in that way that they evoke imagination, since they contextualize and structure our notions, offering new sources of imagining oneself and imaginary worlds. With the relocation of the population, a large and complex repertoire of images and narratives offers elements for experiments of the layout to viewers around the world which are based on fictional scenarios of lives of people living in other places. The media are a phantasmal place of crossing domestic and foreign, and they help build narratives about the Other and the proto-narrative of possible lives through enhanced social power of imagination.

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domestic; foreign; imagination; virtual communication; media

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