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In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, Vol.6 No.11 Rujan 2017.

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The American Dream as Most Global Myth of the Modern Age

Danijela Pantić Conić ; Belgrade, Serbia

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Pantić Conić, D. (2017). Američki san kao najpoznatiji globalni mit modernog potrošačkog društva. In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, 6(11), 1725-1731. Preuzeto s

Being a “media show” of the modern age, “the American dream” has found its appearance in all modern forms of the media expression – Hollywood movies, ads, theater, books and TV shows. It is never completely and clearly defined, and is very flexible in its ideas and limitations, so that it could live forever through personalized consumption, wishes and needs, and become a “myth” – that is, an eternal inspiration to the media in the new digital age. This kind of a modern multifunctional myth is free to change its forms and statements in various media, and is very assertive in its right to give orders, rule, seduce and inspire towards narcissism and an overall tendency to consume. “Multifunctionality” is a key characteristics of myths, media expressions and appearances, i.e. forms that came to exist in the digital age. The modern myth about “an American dream” is also multifunctional in its meaning, expression, representation, statement, and even its interpretation. And what stands out is its conspicious need to get materialized in a material consumer world, where it can also fit into various market meanings of different goods and services.

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american dream; media; movie; commercial

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