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In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, Vol.6 No.11 Rujan 2017.

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The Media mediation of God

Livia Pavletić ; University North, Koprivnica

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Pavletić, L. (2017). Medijsko posredovanje Boga. In medias res : časopis filozofije medija, 6(11), 1733-1741. Preuzeto s

The place and role of Regis Debraya in creating a realistic picture of media and media mediation - are not well known in our philosophical media circles, or circles of particular media theories. Particularly in his teaching is his understanding and explanation of the technological assumptions for the emergence of such phenomena as, for example - God. The interest in his media analysis is particularly important in the times when God is killing loving and massacring humanity. The idea of this paper is to ask for the foundation of such an approach, to show its method and to try to determine its boundaries.
Regis Debray has come as a powerful new ground in the conversation of philosophy with theology, critical thoughts with ideological interpretations.

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Regis Debray; media; media mediation; god; philosophy

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