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Numizmatičke Vijesti, Vol.54 No.65 Studeni 2012.

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Evidence that King Stjepan Tomaš Minted the Bosnian Four-Ducat Piece

Amer Sulejmanagić   ORCID icon ; Kantonalni zavod za zaštitu kulturno-historijskog i prirodnog naslijeđa, Sarajevo, BiH

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Sulejmanagić, A. (2012). Evidence that King Stjepan Tomaš Minted the Bosnian Four-Ducat Piece. Numizmatičke Vijesti, 54(65), 95-95. Preuzeto s
Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (1 MB) str. 86-94 preuzimanja: 11* citiraj
Sulejmanagić, A. (2012). Dokaz u prilog tvrdnji da je veliki bosanski četverostruki dukat iskovao kralj Stjepan Tomaš. Numizmatičke Vijesti, 54(65), 86-94. Preuzeto s

The author writes about the Bosnian four-ducat piece, giving a short survey of earlier opinions and the prevalent numismatic and historiographic views about who minted it. There is a short analysis of previous attribution procedures. After interpreting the obverse and reverse legends the author adopts the attribution procedure classifying Bosnian medieval coins according to the capital letter D in the texts of the legends. He gives a list of all the Bosnian rulers whose coins contain the letter D in the legend. There are three different forms of this letter, one of them only being found on the coins of King Stjepan Tomaš Ostojić and on one seal of Ban Pavao Šubić Bribirski. The text of the reverse legend of the great Bosnian gold piece uses this form of the letter D in the word DEUS. Because of this, the author concludes that King Stjepan Tomaš Ostojić minted the four-ducat piece and that this proves his attribution of this coin, which he gave in our journal in 2007.

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