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Financial Abuse of the Elderly

Ines Vuić
Silvia Rusac   ORCID icon ; Studijski centar socijalnog rada

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I. Vuić i S. Rusac, "Financijsko zlostavljanje starijih osoba", Revija za socijalnu politiku, vol.24, br. 3, str. 321-341, 2017. [Online].

Financial abuse is the most common form of elder abuse. Therefore, it is a major social problem for vulnerable older people. It is difficult to determine the prevalence of financial abuse because of the diversity of its definitions and methods used to collect the data in a particular study. A large number of unreported cases occurs as an additional problem because of shame of victims, fear of judgment or lack of information about available possibilities of protection. Women are more frequently victims of financial abuse than men. Elderly people are at greater risk of abuse if they have cognitive impairments or if they are socially isolated with poor mental and physical health. The most common perpetrators of financial abuse are family members of abused elderly people, especially their adult children. Except them, perpetrators may be unknown persons and different institutions. They are specifically looking for the victim. Then the perpetrators take complete control and power over the victim and his/her material means by establishing an undue influence. The financial abuse of the elderly is rarely publicly discussed and victims are very poorly protected by law. A multidisciplinary approach of society and social institutions responsible for the protection of health, rights and interests of the elderly is necessary, in order to prevent the occurrence of financial abuse of the elderly and to provide victims with appropriate assistance and protection. In addition, it is necessary to raise awareness of the moral duty of all citizens to report violence, in order to achieve timely and effective protection of persons who are exposed to such violence.

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elderly; financial abuse; risk factors; prevention

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