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Generalized Conchoids

Boris Odehnal   ORCID icon ; University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria

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We adapt the classical de finition of conchoids as known from the Euclidean plane to geometries that can be modeled within quadrics. Based on a construction by means of cross ratios, a generalized conchoid transformation is obtained. Basic properties of the generalized conchoid transformation are worked out. At hand of some prominent examples - line geometry and sphere geometry - the actions of these conchoid transformations are studied. Linear and also non-linear transformations are presented and relations to well-known transformations are disclosed.

Ključne riječi
conchoid transformation; line geometry; sphere geometry; cross ratio; regulus; Dupin cyclide; Laguerre transformation; equiform transformation; inversion

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